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For fair dealing in the company.

Our company is a part within global economy. We have a common task and a common goal.

As diverse as our customers, suppliers and partners are we.
The employees in a company are from different backgrounds and different nationalities. They are of different sexes and have a different sexual identity. They are different beliefs and have different world views. You are old or young, disabled or not disabled.

From this diversity benefits our daily work. From this diversity benefits our daily work. Given this wide variety everyone has a right to fair and equal treatment under shelter, for discrimination and harassment.

One of fairness, mutual respect and confidence in dealing with each other embossed corporate culture forms the basis for today's and the future successful cooperation.
Everyone should contribute to this in order to create a cooperative climate in which tolerance has a chance. It is nice to the other as accepted as it is.
This needs a peaceful and open dealings with each other. This is true not only for the employers but also in particularly in dealing with all colleagues together.

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