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We support social projects.

We are close tied with our hometown Lüdenscheid and the region Märkischer Kreis. We support social and the common good projects.

Schools, kindergartens, charitable institutions and animal shelters are supported through non-cash donations. We also support the financing of vehicles for the volunteer fire department and the diakonia.

Lüdenscheid City

Participation in the project "environmentally mobility in Lüdenscheid".

Julius vom Hofe has sponsored a sticker for the new and emission-free official car "smart fortwo electric drive". Julius vom Hofe has placed an advertising on the car. It is a new and emission-free company car "smart fortwo electric drive".

It is an electric powered vehicle with zero emissions and is independent of fossil fuels.

Project "StuBo-Mobil", technical college in Lüdenscheid

Students should be informed by this project - that is best done locally: at their schools, firms, exhibitions at the market place. students advising students. "STU"stands for course guidance (called in german "Studienberatung") and BO stands for career guidance (called in german "Berufsorientierung").

Within the project, a Piaggio Ape was purchased. The cargo area was so equip that technical equipment find a place an brochures and flyers in a shelving system also. The shelving system was also sponsored by us.
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Fire brigade of Lüdenscheid

Support the financing of the vehicle of the fire brigade Lüdenscheid with a display.

This car is for rides in the area fire station, volunteer fire and the young firefighters.

Animal shelter Dornbusch, Schalksmühle

15 meters shelving system for the storage of files, food and cat litter. The shelving system which was delivered in 2010 was no longer sufficient - of course, that Julius vom Hofe has helped.

Primary school Wehberg, Lüdenscheid

Donation of shelving systems for the childcare rooms in their preferred colour.

Diakonisches Werk Care club e.V. , Lüdenscheid-Plettenberg

We support the club at the new acquisition of Caring vehicle in the form of a display on the car.
The care is for the employees of the association. They drive to the facilities where people live with different disabilities, in order to clarify them with personal matters.
Supervised persons are also invited to events and leisure activities to participate in social life.

Animal protection association, Lüdenscheid

10 meters shelving system for storing food.

Die Tafel, Lüdenscheid

Donation of shelving systems for the "Tafel" in Lüdenscheid.

"Die Tafel" is an german organisation for free food distribution for people in need. The main sponsors are supermarkets, bakeries, beverage stores, drugstores, health food stores, sausage and meat producer.

Child-protection center,Lüdenscheid

The friends of the child-protection center (MIKI) was pleased about the donation of 1500 Euro.

The child-protection center helps families, parents, childs and youngster. Professionals provide advice in questions of neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment, including sexual abuse. Also they helps parents by crie-babies and babies with sleeping and eating problems.

"Inner-Wheel"-team Meinerzhagen

Donation of 10 meters shelving systems for the "Inner-Wheel"-team from Kierspe. The group cares volunteer of the charity shop for clothes in the ground-floor of the city-council buildin in Kierspe.

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