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We look forward to present you the following pages of our products like filing shelves, industrial shelves or also pallet shelves. Our product range takes the entire storage facility off.

File shelving units Store shelving racks ESD-racks
For the storage of folders on shelves for office and archive. For workshop and storage: High compartment loads, adjustable shelves and quality assured. Controlled discharge in the defined area by intelligent coating.
Hygienic racks Special racks Provisioning racks
Clean storage in hospitals, medical facilities, kitchens and laboratories. For various goods such as tires, crates, wine bottles, small parts, carbon parts... For optimum provision of work equipment in the warehouse or directly in the workplace.
Shelving installations Heavy load shelving Phone: +49 2351 / 98 80-88
More potential: steel staging systems and multi-story, walk-in shelves. For large and heavy storage goods: large shelves, pallet racks and cantilever racks. If you have further questions, we are pleased to be of service to you by telephone or e-mail.
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