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Our customers have been very satisfied with the benefits of our CAD design system. This effective design technology helps plan your storage facility, and provides you with a basis for making decisions. The features of the available space such as the ground plan, service installations, pillars, pedestals and so forth can be represented in the system and can be taken account of in the design, depending on the stored material and other requirements of the shelving system. This gives you an optimum suggested solution for your particular storage shelves.

Our design service, which is free and without obligation, begins with your ideas. In order to find an optimal implementation of your ideas, we need some information from you, which our consultants will be happy to receive. A dimensioned layout of the space involved would be a great help to us as we prepare the CAD drawing. We would also be pleased to arrange a personal consultation meeting with our field service staff. With the help of all this information, we will then prepare the first CAD drawing for you, including a quotation. This will let you see whether the design of the shelving truly matches your expectations. If you want to make changes or additions, these can quickly be incorporated into the draft. Our CAD design is completed when everything accords with your ideas. If you have decided to do business with us, the CAD drawing is used as the basis for manufacture and assembly. If you wish, you can also have our CAD drawings plotted, or in digital form in the *.dgn, *.dxf or *.dwg formats.

The advantages for you:
free CAD design without obligation.
optimum space exploitation through the best possible match to the particular space.
design reliability through realistic, 3-dimensional representation.
fast implementation of changed requirements.
individual solutions for your storage needs.

Take a look at what we have done in the past, and trust our decades of experience in the shelving construction field. Our consultants are, of course, available if you have any questions. We would also be glad to give you references.
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