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About us

FLEXIBILITY is the basis for long service

This family company, founded as a forge in 1863 by Julius vom Hofe, is rich in tradition. The company management is now in the hands of the family‘s 5th generation. But in those days, mass production of shelving units could hardly be imagined…

From the very beginning, the company responded to the individual wishes of its customers. Products were forged specifically to meet customers‘ needs. The development of hofe-shelving racks began in the early 1950s, and development was continued to the stage of mass production. Ongoing investment in the latest machinery, along with continuous optimisation of quality and of our workflow, have made it possible for us to offer you shelving systems with a variety wide enough to meet practically any purpose. Our use of tested materials, and the possibility of continuously adapting our products to the materials that you need to store, guarantee you the long service and the high quality of our products.

STATIC engineering for more living room

It is essential for businesses to keep opening up new roads - for you as purchasers, for us as suppliers.
With our shelving components you can come with us on the road up! Raise the exploitation of the space in your warehouse building with a two-storey shelving installation, and make optimum, costeffective use of your space.
Two-storey installations are implemented by means of high quality standard components from the push-together system, combined with support frames up to 7000 mm high. Freely opening areas of staging and gangways are secured by railings with handrails, knee protection and foot strips. They satisfy accident prevention regulations and the rules for storage installations and devices laid down by the General Association of Commercial Trade Associations, BGR 234.
The high proportion of standard parts used avoids the costs involved in expensive special fabrications. This brings a significant saving in costs - and that turns your shelving installation into an investment whose costs and benefits can be calculated.

QUALITY means security for both products and people

In order to guarantee the quality and security that you demand for your company operations, we have joined the Gütegemeinschaft Lager- und Betriebseinrichtungen e.V. (the Quality Association for Warehouse and Works Equipment).
The Quality Association was created by manufacturers to satisfy obligations to meet voluntarily specified standards of quality. The documentation describing the technical quality and test specifications are filed at RAL under number RAL-RG 614. They comprise, at the same time, the rules of the Berufsgenossenschaften in accordance with BGR 234.
We are authorised to grant the RAL-RG 614/1 quality mark and the GS mark to our quality-assured products. Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 guarantees you high quality products and services. A ll quality seals are supervised by a state-authorised institute, such as a Materials Testing Bureau. This gives you a guarantee of the manufacturer‘s technical qualifications, consistent quality and optimum security.

COMMUNICATON for new momentum

Direct contact with you is very important to us! That is the only way that we can offer you a full service, rather than just being a manufacturer. Starting with planning, carrying through to assembly. Our offices in the Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich areas mean that we can soon be with you. Our subsidiary, „Horges GmbH“ also gives us a presence in the former East Germany. We will, of course, consult with you personally and visit your site. If you cannot find a product that you need in our catalogue, please talk to us. Together we will develop the most effective and economical solution for you. Your requirements from our products, combined with careful consultation, are what show the way forward to new ideas. Because it is the demands that you place on us that lead on to the development of new products and new company processes.

MADE in Germany.

We believe in Germany as a manufacturing site. Thanks to highly qualified employees and und modern technologies, we have proven that effective and competitive manufacturing is also possible in Germany. Our racks and shelves are manufactured exclusively in Germany.
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