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3D models of our products in new p.Con online catalog

From now on we make 3D models of our products in new p.Con online catalog.

For interior designers, facility managers, dealers, customers and end users are in future only a few clicks to visualize storage capacities for filing shelves, shelving and shelving racks.

Whether for production, storage or workshop - the free 3D symbology from our home supplement plans perfect for the adjoining office and administrative operating ranges. We via the online catalog in pCon.catalog portal dwg files free of charge for 3D plans available. With drag and drop as shelves in 3D planning are integrated. And whether read from left to right or from right to left - we stand for innovative products and expertise in terms of storage rack.

The start is successful - more shelves will follow.

If you do not have a 3D planner, you can register here free pCon.Planner Download from EasternGraphics. The 3D Room Planner for your interior design ideas.
->Click here for the p.Con.planner
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