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Racking and Shelving Inspections - Safety for your work.

European Norm - DIN EN 15635
You are responsible for racking and shelving systems in your warehouse. An expert inspections must be carried out every 12 months by trained inspectors.

Subject of inspection:
- Shelving racks
- Pallet shelving
- Cantilever shelving
- Drive in shelving
- Dynamic shelving systems
- Multi storage rack installations               

What is checked?
- Visual inspection of the shelving construction and specification compliance.
- A local measuring to ensure the verticality and straightness of all sections.
- Correct assembly
- Random inspection of the system's parts and components for recognizable damage or strain in accordance with DIN EN 15635.

The inspection fullfill the requirements of BetrSichV, DIN EN 15635 and BGR 234.

Your advantages:
- The storage system inspection does not require an interruption of your operations.
- Safety for your warehouse
- Accident prevention

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