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Support beams available in:
Shelf floor available in:

Hose racks

Boltless system ORION PLUS
  Especially developed for storing for firehoses. Rest water can drain of.

Loadings: Shelf loading: 100 kg with evenly distributed load
Bay loadings: Bis 500 kg
Dimensions: Heights: 2000, 2200 und 2500 mm (immotile)
             1600 mm (mobile)
Widths:   1000 mm
Depth:;   500 mm
Ext. dim.: Widths: Basic rack 1010 or 1560 mm
            Add-on rack 1010 mm
Depth:   Floor depth 535 mm
Version: Height of floors adjustable at 25 mm intervals.
Hose support floor with gutter.
Immotile hose racks can be provided with cover floors.
Mobile racks with 2 steerable rollers and 2 fixed rollers. Steerable rollers with safety grips. Only as basic rack available.

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